Jordan Valley Cover
Artwork by Boise artist Ward Hooper

JORDAN VALLEY, My Second Novel, Is In The Works

A young 1950s ranch wife must come to terms with her past before it shuts down her future.

After fleeing an abusive childhood in the 1930s, some twenty years later, Jo Glover’s dreams of having a loving marital relationship and a secure future for her young family are threatened by the shadows of her past.

When Kurt and Jo Glover move their young family to his parents’ pioneer ranch in eastern Oregon in 1949, their shared dreams of a ranching future that continues his family legacy are suddenly disrupted one summer by the arrival of Jo’s teenage half-brother, Jeb, who brings with him a dark secret that throws Jo into a tailspin, forcing her to recognize that she must come to terms with her past before it shuts down her future.

Scenes from Part 1 of my new novel are set on a pioneer ranch adjacent to the small eastern Oregon town of Jordan Valley in the early 1950s. Part 2 of the story, now underway, follows the young Glover family’s move to a Wyoming ranch sight unseen in their continuing quest to sink roots into soil that provides a sound economic footing. Anticipate book publication in 2022.

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