Getting ready for 2020 Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference

I’m really looking forward to attending the MCWC again this year, set for July 30-August 1. I’ve signed up for a Novel workshop taught by author Gabe Habash. This workshop is especially serendipitous since I’m in the middle of writing my second novel, Jo.

Here’s my new logline for Jo: “After abandoning the failed Wyoming ranch in the late 1950s, a young mother’s dreams of landing upright in booming California get turned upside down instead.”

STYLING THE NOVEL NARRATIVE (excerpt from MCWC website for the 2020 conference–Gabe Habash’s workshop)

“When crafting prose, writers have a wildly broad spectrum of stylistic possibilities. But whether your style is straightforward or experimental, the prose must engage and surprise the reader on a narrative level. In this workshop with Gabe Habash, we will discuss how to make each participant’s own distinct style shine while simultaneously discussing how to integrate that style with the narrative, with the intention of making style and narrative complementary. We will also examine a few published short stories that showcase the twin prose engines of narrative and style.”

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